Holy Week: Establishments Open in Wilson St. & Greenhills

So… I went jogging around Wilson earlier on (this is me during rush hour at Ortigas. Sarap, noh! Haha. La lang)


…and started taking note of some places I find to be either essential, iconic, or generally just really trippy that I’d like to hang out at this Holy Week.. Then I decided to just canvass as many places open as possible in the Wilson and Green Hills area and share the info with all of you! So here are some establishments in the area and the times that they’re open this Holy Week. Hope it helps if you’re looking for a place to chill at! 😉
Pizza Hut, Wilson:

Open for Holy Week! 10am-12mn

Le Ching, Chinese Restaurant, Shoppesville:

Black Saturday & Easter Sunday are a no no


YKY Mini Mart, Korean Grocery, Annapolis:

Open for Holy Week! 8am-11:30pm


Jollibee Greenhills, Across V-mall:

Open for Holy Week!

Good Friday: 5am-4pm
Black Saturday & Easter Sunday: 5am-10pm


Mr. Sunmoon, Seafood House, One Kennedy Place, Ortigas Corner Club Filipino Avenue, Greenhills

Open for Holy Week! Everyday till 10pm


I.T. P@RK, One Kennedy Place, Ortigas Corner Club Filipino Avenue, Greenhills (For your DOTA needs):

Open for Holy Week! Daily from 10am-3am


Pancake House, Cardinal Santos:

Open for Holy Week!
Good Friday & Black Saturday: 7am-10pm
Easter Sunday: 7am-9pm


Cafe France, Cardinal Santos:

Good Friday: 6am-9pm
Black Saturday & Easter Sunday: 6am-10pm


Bubbletea, Wilson:

Good Friday: 11am-11pm


Behrouz, Persian Cuisine, Wilson:

Open for Holy Week! From 5pm-5am daily


Veggiezen, Healthy Vegetarian Restaurant, J. Abad Santos:

Open Easter Sunday!

IMG_4688 IMG_4689

My Thai, Hokkaido Ramen, & Pho Hoa, Wilson:

Good Friday: 11am-12mn
Black Saturday: Regular hours


Alex III, Wilson:
Open for Holy Week! Daily from 11am-11pm


Papa John’s Pizza, Wilson:

Open for Holy Week (and for delivery too)! 10am-10pm (Forgot to take a picture…. 😅

CO/OP, Mabini St:

Open for Holy Week! Daily from 10am-11pm


Have a blessed Holy Week, everybody! 🙂



Throw It Back To Where It Counts

It’s 12:25am. It’s officially a Thursday, and I have been throwing it BACK. I’m not usually one who milks the whole “Throwback Thursday” phenomenon, but I’m usually the one who finds myself wanting to. 

(Just some insight, and a disclaimer: I love writing, and I regret that the practice has left my regular routine. This post is more of a free-flow. It could get messy, and branch out like crazy. This is just me dipping my toes back in the water, with a desire of diving back into it, and rekindling a passion. This blog is for me. A breather. You’re welcome to read on if you wish.)

(Another disclaimer: I’m forcing myself to upload this tonight.)

(….Yeah, that’s about it for the disclaimers.)

This whole thing started with me going through my planner, computing my income from my hosting and voice-over(ing) activities, and logging them into my accounting journal (Yezz. Quite the responsible one tonight. 😉 ) Looking back at all the things I’ve done for work these past few months, and these opportunities to develop my skills in my craft, meet new people, and also get COMPENSATED for doing so just blew my mind. It left me incredibly thankful. God is SO graceful, and amazing for allowing me to tread through the places I’ve visited, and build relationships with people in their times of success, progress, promotion, and celebration. (All praise to He who loves us immensely more than we deserve.)

Took a break from doing my taxes, had dinner and watched some Brooklyn 99 (Best show. Samberg rocks.), then I found myself thinking “All right. This is it………. TIIIME TO EMPTY MY PHONE.” (My phone is too full for its own good). So I went through my camera roll, and literally thousands of photos that I’ve been meaning to upload for months now, and just felt the task of uploading tower over me… But I was committed to do it. I went to my laptop to check my Facebook albums and see which point to pick up from. Next thing I knew, I was browsing through all my old albums, and photos…. “Wow. Braces looked terrible on me.” “Woah! Ex-girlfriend! :))” “Look at how close we all were as friends.” “Wow… I did so much at school pala.” Next thing I knew, I was playing Kimbra on Spotify and thought to myself “Let’s write about this.”

Now, why do we post throwback pics?

It could be to…. Humble brag. Hahaha. Like “This happened a year ago. People. Don’t forget that I did that, and how awesome that was.” or…. wow…. I was gonna type in more reasons, but wow. It’s a touchy subject isn’t it? There’s just this intense connection we have to the past. Whether we’ve gone through good or bad experiences, it’s just so hard to get those associated emotions with those moments out of our heads and out of our hearts. Of course, there are many seemingly good reasons to keep these feelings of love, affection, resentment, even up to hatred associated with these memories, but the issue I feel that is most important to address is: “Is it wise?”. 

It can be so easy to jump into old pictures, old music, revive old feelings, think of “what could’ve been”, but before you let it get to you, try to remember “Who am I?”, “Who do I want to be?”, “Is this helping me become that person?” (If so… Proceed), “Is there something more beneficial for me to spend my time on right now?” 

Life sways us. Emotions sway us. Constantly following our emotions, like it or not, will lead to our demise. “Spend, spend, spend.” and end up wasting everything you have [this goes for spending your emotions on someone too. (Not all emotional investments will yield favorable or beneficial results)] or “Don’t spend anything, don’t spend anything, don’t spend anything” and find yourself missing out on life, or the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. 

People say “Follow your heart.” But, remember. The heart is deceitful above all things (and beyond cure. Who can understand it? Jeremiah 17:9). So guard you heart above all else. Enjoy the throwbacks. They’re awesome! But keep them in check. Throw it back to the moments that remind you who you are, remind you of your purpose in life, and the people who inspire you to love unconditionally. 

These are my thoughts tonight. Hope you enjoyed! Happy throwing of the backing. 😉

Some Thoughts on the Barangay Elections 2013

Just have to say: If you want your party to get voted, you have to show us a platform — a flier, a leaflet, an email, whatever. You can’t just put your name up there and expect us to vote for you guessing what you’ll do for the Barangay with your name as the only basis.

People complain about their current captains and kagawads, and say that they won’t vote for them again. But given the option between voting for them, who show me what they wanna do for the Barangay, versus the opposition who doesn’t show me anything, it’s easier to vote for the current ones.

Sayang. I would’ve liked to know what the other parties have in mind and in store, and it saddens me that their not reaching out shows me either the lack of their initiative to serve, or a “Bahala na” attitude.

I don’t like the fact that some people think that winning an election is like winning a raffle — just join and maybe you’ll win.

If you have a good product, let people know about it. It may just improve the lives of the people around you.

I wish all the best to those who poured their hearts out to serve, and have the humility to carry out their platforms. You are the kind of leaders we need.

If you have a heart for the nation, and haven’t thought about it yet– you never know, you could be that leader in the future.